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Challenge #03567-I278: A Precog in the Works

A human has the ability to be frighteningly accurate when they make predictions of the future. It comes to them in their dreams. They agree to wear a device to read brain waves to find out how they're able to do that. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Dream viewing technology is still in its infancy here and now. Give it some time and we might be able to do this]

It began with two words, "Deja vu." It was an explanation, a warning, a shorthand, and an annoyance all at once. Trader T'si had had enough of it after five repetitions.

Even saving his life could get annoying after the fifth damn time.

T'si found a nice tea palace to sit Human Lei down for a solid discussion regarding her gifts, and her annoying habit of minimalist explanation. "All right," he sighed once tea and cakes arrived. "You and deja vu. What the flakk is up with that?"

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