Parental Rights

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Challenge #01823-D362: Parental Rights

"Parenthood is the most important job you'll ever have."

"Someone PAYS you for being a parent?"

"Okay. Parenthood is the most important unpaid internship you'll ever have." -- Bard2dBone

Of all the laws of the Galactic Alliance, the ones concerning parenthood are the hardest to swallow for various worlds. Especially for certain colonies of the rather aptly-named Terra. Colonies like Quiverfull, Abundance, and a few of the Greater Deregulations have... limited views on the useful attributes of half of their population. And on the colony of Maia, it is not the half one generally expects of humans.

Grandmatriarch Lyse of Maia looked over the extensive list of Galactic Laws concerning the rights of cogniscents within the Alliance's boundaries. "These are all well-considered," she allowed. "You've spent much time on considering freedoms and considering their abuses." This was something of a compliment from an aggressive matriarchy like Maia. "This clause... Regardless of race, creed, gender, or faith, it says. Of course this excludes those who are protected for their own good, does it not?"

"There are protections for those of diminished responsibility," allowed Negotiator Prim. "Is that the portion of the general population you are concerned about?"

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