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Challenge #02175-E346: A Trail a Mile Wide

Elves. they come in all shapes and incarnations from Lord of the Rings to Santa's little helpers. What if they all got together for ElfCon. -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Warpvale. The impossible happens daily.

In this case, the 'impossible' is a wide and varied range of Elves, from all over the multiverse. All possible hues of skin and more than a few that aren't. All possible sizes of ear, too. From 'vaguely human but huge', through 'human with a point stuck on', to 'actually impossible if you bother with physics'.

There were short Elves, tall Elves, large Elves and small Elves. All with different demographic traits. Elves that rode on enormous wolves, Elves who flew as casually as anyone would walk. Elves so tiny they were barely visible to the untrained eye, Elves so gangly and awkward that it amazed the eye to see them move.

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