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I'm getting better

Looking after myself has helped. So has comfort food. And cuddles. And just plain zoning out whilst having forensics documentaries on in the background.

Oh don't look at me like that. You should have known I was weird by a brief trawl of my archives.

I plan on having a good, solid, slug-about this weekend. Half the morning in a hot bath. The other half spent in utter laziness. I might not get to my story before the afternoon comes and I plan to love it.

And somewhere in there, I need to start lining up people to send bits of Kung Fu Zombies to. In the hopes of being... Real Published.

Y'know, because Self Publishing obviously doesn't count.

And -hey- if nobody at all wants KFZ [And I'm not sending it to those fly-by-night, we-welcome-noobs publishing houses because even a dummins like me can see that trap] then I'll add it as another ebook for anyone's entertainment.

I might even give it away free, this Halloween. We'll see.

It all depends on the turn-around time. And whether or not it's acceptable by anyone at all. There's hundreds of agents to try. Someone has to like me.

...I hope...

Some things I've learned

You can learn a lot from going overseas. All you have to do is open your mind when you open your eyes.

Long-ass blather follows. Go fetch a cuppa if you’re going to read this.

Considering that I have the attention span of a slightly concussed kitten, I’ll try to keep things organised with some bold headers.

Our current economic woes are our own fault and the solution lies within.

Basically, we let the corporate giants get that

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