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Challenge #04101-K083: Take Their Place

A Knomira not only berates Tol for giving up his position to live as he does in the Alliance, but physically slaps him. They scream about what an idiot he is being and demands he return to his polity and family, and TAKE BACK his folio. The Alliance are, according to the knomira, "ruining things".

He dares them to live his life for one month, and see for themselves.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03990-j338-satisfying-needed-and-appreciated -- Anon Guest

There was never any such thing as unskilled labor. Tol had learned that in hir time in the Maintenance Orange workwear in the Alliance. It had taken hir weeks to learn how to clean effectively and efficiently.

Which was why it was such an insult to hear, "You're doing everything wrong!"

Tol turned, and witnessed an angry, authoritarian scowl under a bleached blonde bob haircut. The cut of her clothes and her general attitude declared her to be a Deregger on some variant of the Grand Tour. Sometimes referred to as the Grand Sneer. They deliberately went around to a few select locations just to look down their noses at people. And now this one was doing that to Tol.

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Challenge #03913-J261: The Function of Finance

"You could be making eons!!"

"Why would I? I make enough already, and the elderly are safe, and end their days, here, in peace."

"These are resorts trillionaires would pay through the nose for!"


"You're letting plebians and leeches use it!"

"They're living, cognisant, beings."

"I just don't get it!"

"You're a Deregger CEO, you never have."

"Okay then Smart Guy, teach me how you're rich but doing this??"

"Alright, no problem."

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03618-i330-take-your-ease -- Anon Guest

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