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Challenge #02867-G310: Unexpected Bargain

A human, intent on preparing a treat for havenworlder shipmates, orders a large amount of sugar. Due to a mix-up somewhere along the line, this human receives a large delivery of sugarcane instead and, well, "waste not, want not" -- Anon Guest

"Wait. Why is this shipment in bales? I said 'boxes'..." Human Thal checked their invoice archives. "That's a 'B' in the receipt, but it doesn't say what that stands for... Oh shit, that's a big number..."

Something had yet again gone wrong with the Ships' Human who refused to use Rosetta Stone translation software when ordering from Alliance corporations who also refused to use Rosetta Stone software. No matter how many times the crew insisted that the software was useful, Human Thal insisted that it was a way to monitor activities.

Besides, Human Thal insisted, all network shops were identical. How badly could anyone possibly flakk things up? Everyone who knew the inherent prejudices of the Universe knew better than to ask questions that gave it the opportunity for demonstrations.

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