Offstage Swearing

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I was really hoping for the crises to be done with by today. I wanted to talk about the Fighting Fucktoy trope with y'all.

But no. Life has intervened and I need to bitch about stuff for a bit.

Before you fret, Chaos is fine. Her tooth is still nice and shiny and she's eating okay. Today's threat to the return of normalcy is... Mayhem.

Yes, folks. Disasters come once per little darling in this house, and it's Mayhem's turn to fuck up. And when he fucks up, he does it big and loud.

When caught doing art in a math class, Mayhem decided to mouth off to the math teacher and get himself a black mark on his permanent record.

If he earns one more such black mark, he's going to get expelled.

This seems to be an bi-annual occurrence, so the rest of this year and all of next year are going to be relatively peaceful. I hope. Mayhem has been told that if he's expelled, he's getting a job. No arguments.

I've also told him that he's appologising to the math teacher.

I'm worried about Mayhem. He never thinks things through and seems to believe that the world is going to keep handing him second chances until he dies. He's currently retreating from all his previous right-wing statements because now he sees what we've been trying to tell him for almost sixteen years.

He insists he's stupid and will never learn. I insist that it has to happen eventually. And knowing him as I do, it will happen when he has to work for everything. No more easy ways out. Work or starve.

That will be the precise moment when he realises everything we've been telling him for all his life is true and now he has to struggle just to get ahead.

And now I'm due for the dentist. Argh.