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They had built a special building that was oblong and with shock absorbers to be quake-proof. This form they'd tested, heavily, in scale, on a quake simulation machine. But it was very hard to get their fellow Deathworlders to trust their design. Until a particularly LARGE quake, showed why the building was such a strange shape. -- Anon Guest

The floors inside were padded. All the walls were curved and all the doors were oversized arches. The buildings themselves lay on articulated springs with inertial dampeners. The Humans looking at them had one objection.

"It's an egg," said Human Nudd, reluctant to enter her shelter. "You expect me to live in an egg? I'm not a chook."

Companion Nes had not been prepared for this rebellion. Their humans had previously enjoyed novelty-shaped practical objects. "It is egg-shaped, I grant, but this structure is scientifically recommended in environments where crushing damage is a significant risk. Those sky-rays are wont to roost on anything and other structures do not have the ability to withstand their weight."

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