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Challenge #03777-J124: Promises, Promises

You helped me when I needed it most. You may be a killer, but if you ever loose strength, to where you think you can't go on, I will be there for you. If you cannot walk, I will be your legs. This I promise you. -- Anon Guest

They were all poor, weak, and struggling masses yearning to break free. The typical Deregger escapees. The fact that their pilot was a jump-and-dump mass murderer for profit, and the fact that she was on Shan's list shouldn't have effected them.

It was her job to kill the murdering slitch and then drive the passengers to safety. Shan never expected gratitude.

The ragged scrap waiting for her at the public lounge was... beige. The sort of person who would move out of the way for the people who blended in with the wallpaper. Someone trying valiantly to stand out and be noticed, and was almost sweating with the effort.

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