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Challenge #03337-I049: Branching Out

Vesa Solonen is a 40-year-old career criminal. He is usually silent and doesn't talk too much, except in a very intense situation. As his last name suggests, he is still unmarried and keeps solo. -- Anon Guest

They call me Solonen because I work alone. It's not what you call a 'real' surname, but it is one that is all mine. The name on the official paperwork is Vesa Meikäläinen. What you Americans might think of as Vesa Doe. It is a name given to the forgotten and the unwanted.

In the rare occasions that they want me, they call me... Solonen.

The last job changed everything. It was meant to be simple. Wipe out the opposition, leave no witnesses. In a way... I did that. Just... not the usual way. These things, they always happen by accident, yes? Go out for the job, come back with something... unexpected.

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