New Steps

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I have a weekend!

Things are coming together.

I have the money in the bank. I have an experiment in progress that I won't check for a bit. I have some savings that puts my $4K up by quite the notch.

If my change of habits has made a miracle, and I don't need to get my compy seen to... then I might just have enough squirrelled away for my very own actual FIRST LAPPY!

Which would be firkin awesome.

I gotta get onto my Ko-fi account and change my goal to save for. And I don't know what next big thing I should shoot for. Maybe pay for my half of the bills. That's be cool. And a relief on my love, too.

Not that that can stay, either. I get the feeling that Ko-fi goals should change.

Nobody tells me squat about anything, of course. Guidance from someone who knows this shit would be nice. Hint. Hint.

I don't know what's going on with Patreon and who sees what when. I don't know what I should be doing with my Ko-fi. I don't know shit about shit. I'm learning by stumbling along and trying things out and hoping that someone comes along and puts my under their sheltering wing and be like:

"Child. CHILD. This is the shit you have to do and in this order to make what you've started be GOOD."

And then I can go do that.

But there is no sheltering wing. Not even a clever little chick who's prepared to teach this goose on a Your Grandma level. To extend the bird metaphor.

Or I need to poke around and see what others are doing and at what intervals.

And I need to sell myself.

In the Unfucking My Life news: I managed 1K words yesterday, and I aim to get another 1K in during the process of today. If I don't make it, I won't stress. I can push myself to this level of output, but fixing Rael comes secondary to writing Clockwork Souls and if I'm 2K ahead of my 12K patch, then that's a bonus.

And when my back hurts and I need to stretch, I'm going to take that fragment of me-time.

So... a brief pause for me before I get on with the Blasts and the Instants this morning.