New Meds Who Dis

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I had things handled, and then my ever-reliable fallibility - my shitty memory - fucked me up. I had Chaos' stuff packed for her excursion... and then left the bag I packed at home.

I was all ready to write a piece for Wordpress, and then I ran out of energy and just plain forgot about it. Not helped by the fact that I did my 500 words in a hospital hallway so my gremlin brain cheered "work's done!" and allowed me to have a nap.

Also not helped by new meds. Well. New supplement. It's called Ashwagandha and is meant to be a stress modifier. As in, it levels out all your peaks and troughs into one relatively level playing field.

And as with all de-stressor medication, it sucks a portion of my usual energy out of me. We'll see how I feel about it after a month of taking the stuff. That's when things are supposed to work out.

For now, I have that post deep cry kind of wrung out feeling, but also the distinct lack of a need of coffee to stay awake.

Wordpress coming soon. I hope. I also have the cleaning grind to wrangle, so... I'll see how I do today.