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Challenge #02691-G134: Harmless Unless...

“My apologies but you are so similar to my damn cat”

“What make you sayyyy that?”

“Your reaction to catnip is exactly the same way as my cat” -- Anon Guest

Harmless substances are only harmless to some. Humans regularly imbibe carbonic acid because they find it tasty. In such cases, harmlessness is relative. In most cases, the phrase is "harmless but". For example, the Terran catnip plant is harmless, but it also functions as a narcotic for other species. How they prefer to take it is up to them, and it is fortunately not one of the very dangerous narcotics available to the Galactic Alliance.

In such situations, mishaps are bound to happen. Such as the recent spill on the trader vessel Big Jim's Cargo, which is neither large nor belonging to a Jim, but does indeed contain lots of cargo. Of which, a one kilogram bag of loose-packed catnip has just burst and spilled all over Human Warno. Most had been cleaned up, but small chaff particles have a way of persisting - just anyone who's run afoul of glitter within the last two months[1]. Human Warno had done her best, but was nevertheless very popular amongst the local Skitty population.

Companion Hrrau found Human Warno grumbling to herself and may have noticed the attractive scent. It was difficult to tell, initially, that the 'harmless' plant product had had any effect on them. Companion Hrrau was one of Nature's Huggers. They just naturally greeted anyone they knew with enveloping arms and the option of physically picking them up.

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