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Challenge #01493-D032: The Universal Coin

“Be kind. Don’t hurt other people. It’s all the sort of Christian ethics stuff I thought was bullshit when I was a kid. No, it turns out it’s not bullshit. Tell the truth, be kind, all that corny stuff." - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

Above all else, do no harm. That had to be a law for landing in strange places and in weird circumstances. Of course... the landing couldn't be helped. Something there was that didn't like her landing in a complete set of clothing. And something always ate her left shoe, no matter how secure she thought it was when the 'gods' whipped her away.

Bloody Loki. If she saw their false faces again, she'd either kill them or die trying. Something of a plan, but no window of opportunity. The world stopped spinning and pushed the air out of her lungs and made breathing in again a very painful prospect. On the upside, it looked like she wouldn't be waking up tied to a stake and on top of a pyre in progress again.

"It's a demon! Kill it before it can gain power!"

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Challenge #01328-C233: Pax Multilingual

Ghosts and the word 'boo'. Details here. -- RecklessPrudence

"What the hell did you say to that demon, Demon?"

"Shayde," said the demon. "And she was'nae a demon, she was Seeliegh. A Fae."

"You speak gibberish, demon," said Sir Ethil. "More so than usual. Everyone knows that fairies are small and have butterfly wings. That monster looked more like an insect trying to appear human."

Behind Sir Ethil, Tragyk the Mage snorted. He had a lot of trouble with pollen, every time

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