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"Drink it Freddy": the non-alcoholic drinking game

Mayhem and I came up with a stroke of genius, this morning, and it all came out of a bottle of beverage that had been hanging around inside the fridge for a month.

This shit is not due to go off for a year, so we came up with a non-alcoholic drinking game.

To play, you need:

1 shot glass per player
1 stack of trivia questions [Optional, colour spinner if you're using Trivial Pursuit cards]
1 beverage that was clearly a mistake to purchase

  • You must serve an actual beverage that is allegedly potable
  • Everyone gets a shot glass full of the shitty beverage
  • Everyone takes a turn, going clockwise, to read a question to another player, and have a question read to them
  • If you can't answer a question, or get it wrong, you have to....


The round ends when the last person has to drink. Then you refresh your glasses and start the next round.

The game ends when you are out of shitty beverage.

What do you think? Is it playable?

I think my family and I are going to be writing some of our own trivia cards. I could try to write some things everyone in this family should know, but I'm pretty sure I'd sneak some Steam Powered Giraffe in there.