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Challenge #02430-F240: In a Name

I'm one of the fortunate or unfortunate (depending on your perspective) to have two first name, them being S* Kirby. -- Anon Guest

There's just something about having a first name as a last name that gets to people. It's memorable, yes, but also... it can make nametags problematic. You would not believe the number of people who tell me it should be my surname in there or, in non-surname occasions, my given one. Then you get the accusations of being an impostor of some kind.

"I thought your name was Savannah," or, "I thought your name was Kirby." Small wonder, then, that people like me gravitate towards the kind of jobs where the full name is part of the identification. After that, there's the connection between certain names and popular franchise characters. Yeah. People in my family never quite make it to upper management and always watch their weight.

When there's one obvious joke to be made about you? Trust me, you will move heaven and earth to avoid it coming close to reality. Even when they use that joke anyway. It gets tiresome. Really tiresome.

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