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Challenge #03340-I052: It's the Little Things

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[AN: Nonny doesn't know that I don't use pictures submitted to me. Text only, dearies]

Do you know of the Nisse? They're what you might call House Spirits. Some know them as Borrowers. Some say they are House Trolls. Some call them names that are not polite. Sometimes, they are helpful. Sometimes, they are malevolent. Most of the time, they are mischievous.

They all have the same name, which is convenient for them. Not so convenient for others, but the Nisse don't truly seem to care. They are all named Tontu, and know who they're talking about when they use it.

This Tontu doesn't like their current homeowner. They've been trying to get them to move away. All the usual tricks, of course. Souring the milk, blunting the knives, misplacing precious things, and of course, letting in bugs. They have even, in desperation, relocated shoes at random. Nothing seems to have worked.

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