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Challenge #03390-I102: Ignominious Beginnings

Wraithvine killed a man by accident in attempting to stop them from robbing a shop. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Then learn the man was just desperately poor and his death meant his family was now facing starvation with a very sick wife and four small children in their little, run-down, shack of a home on a failing farm. -- Lessons

A moment, a mistake, and now a mortuary. The man now on the slab had had a home, a family, and some desperate mission to make him snatch a tray of bread rolls right in front of the world's most powerful Wizard. Nobody else would have thought twice about it, but Wraithvine was like no other.

For starters, ze had just buried hir full-elven grandson. Who had perished of old age.

Ze tried paying for a resurrection, but it had failed. Now, ze paid for Speak With the Dead. Two spells that Wraithvine had no grasp on. Yet. It was a lesson that ze would embed in hir nature for the rest of hir life. There is always more to learn. That, and, Don't get egotistical.

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