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Challenge #02419-F229: iStalkU

Of the three main causes for murder "Lust" is the most ignoble and most distressing. What could not be given in Love was stolen, then in fear of reprisal or 'the damn bitch struggled" a Life was taken. -- Anon Guest

Let me tell you about the one I love. They are perfect. Perfect body. Perfect looks. Never a hair out of place. They always smile for me when I go to order my morning fix. I always tip generously. I want to make them feel special. I want them to know that they are special to me. I want... I want... I want them to be mine.

I want to roll over in the morning and make slow, lazy love to that perfect body. I want to kiss that perfect face. I want to mess up that perfect hair and see that sweet smile... my smile... as I make them scream my name. I want to be the only person in their world. I want to keep them. I want to have them. I want to hold them. I want... I want... I want them to be mine.

The campaign starts simple. Little questions that are harmless. A birthdate, a favourite flower. Innocent things. Scattered into the conversation so casually. Things like, "Cool pin, is that your birthstone?" You can find a lot about a person like that. I listen of course, because you're supposed to listen to your loved ones. So I listen, and I learn.

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