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Challenge #01461-C366: Abominations Are Relative

[Conversation Participant #1]: [Name mankind was not meant to know]! Where did you come from!? [Conversation Participant #2]: From the blighted womb of your worst nightmare, quivering on legs innumerable, soaked in the black ooze of your greatest fears. I rear back my heavy head, and howl: DETEEENTION ...for AAAALLL three of you! I swear, I'm the only one around here that doesn't find threats and violence to be charming. -- RecklessPrudence

"Aw come on Mx Elth... this is the AV club, it's after school, and we are allowed to ask questions..."

[Name mankind was not meant to know] rattled hir chitinous scales and rumbled a low growl from somewhere beneath hir seventh stomach. "You were still violating the rules by threatening violence. And my name is not 'Mx Elth', it is [Name mankind was not meant to know]."

" we were yelling at the tv, Mx [Name mankind was not meant to know]," murmured Dale, the smallest and most harmless alumni that the school had. " it's a form of critique? Andum. We know it's not real threats."

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Challenge #00840-B109: Penfold... Hush.

If we never meddled in powers we did not comprehend, how would we gain comprehension?

“Uh… by examining them with science? Preferably by non-invasive, passive means first?” suggested Penfold.

Blenkinsop glared at her. “Honestly. You’re such a wet blanket.”

“Wet blankets survive fires, Blenkinsop. All I’m asking is that you pay attention.”

She sighed and folded her arms. “Really.”

“Yes. There is a reason why you found these tools and instruments in the middle of a ruined temple. In

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