Lots of Nothing to do

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Weekends, Hooray!

I love weekends. They give me a chance to fart around and do nothing much.

Since I spend my Fridays doing 1K, it means that Saturday and Sunday are both days to laze around and faff about. Both are important parts of the writing cycle. Both lead to excessive amounts of daydreaming which lead to more fiction! Yay!

In my case, it means fiction that I don't have to write, which you will get to see over on my baby forum whenever I have a segment done or whenever the inspiration hits. Whichever comes first.

But in the meantime, I can do things like watch endless episodes of Time Team or binge on a few things care of Netflix, or just try to win at Kingdom: New Lands. Or if I get bored with that, get back into grinding a mountain down so I can build a city in Minecraft. There's lots of nothing to do.

And only one story that I have to write for two days. Ah, paradise.

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