Jack the Ripper

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Challenge #02124-E295: Hello Darkness

I did this. I don't remember doing it, but it cannot be otherwise.

I have committed sins in my life before. I even killed a man once who didn't deserve it.

But this is different. I am changed.

These murders were not my choice. A Beast lives inside of me.

I will be hunted and shunned. I need to hide. Run. Bury the bodies.

I start to walk outside when I realize what truly bothers me...

...I feel no guilt. -- Anon Guest

Dear Boss,

Call me... Jack. I am a monster.

In times past, I was known for violent and bloody deaths of the ignorable in Whitechapel. The unsolvable and horrific ones. I'm sure you've already connected the dots, you clever bugger. Not clever enough to know who I really am. No, sir. Let's just say that the last famous one in Whitechapel knocked some sense into the old brain casing. I learned how to do it better.

I don't discriminate much, any more. There's those who deserve it and those who never did and honestly, I don't care about the difference. See, blood keeps me immortal. Vampires have to eat you know, and the last thing a vampire needs in this world is more vampires. That's why I used to cut their throats. Kill them before they turn, see? Keeps 'em all dead.

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