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Technically technical difficulties

Okay, so here’s the scoop.

While I was over in Thailand, I used a (gasp) foreign chip so I wouldn’t be landed upon by positively ginormous roaming charges. And so I could, you know, call home without also gathering a huge debt.

Now that I’m home and back on my regular chip, my computer refuses to recognise that there’s photos in there at all. And I know for a fact that I have almost three hundred of the little buggers (and some videos) hogging space on my iPhone.

I would like to have these images, moving and still, on my computer. I am also not technically adept enough to do the major fiddling required to move data from one device to another without; huge hiccups, installing anything out of my budget ($0), or risking my hard drive to unexpected malware via the freeware option.

Keep in mind that I’m practically a noob when it comes to doing this stuff. I need the “for dummies” version that’s been dumbed down even further. Helpful pictures would also be nice.

So. Calling all Technogeeks: How do I get data from my iPhone when my computer [aka the bit that runs iTunes and iPhoto] swears blind that the data’s not there?