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Challenge #03690-J037: Advanced Resistance

Wraithvine y sus amigos entran en un pueblo afectado por un brote de sarampiĆ³n. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translation from DuckDuckGo - Wraithvine and hir friends enter a village affected by a measles outbreak.]

Some called it Red-rash. Some called it Childpox, Some cursed its seemingly eternal presence as children passed it between other children. It was known mostly as Measles, and was wrongfully dismissed as a harmless childhood disease.

It was only ever survivable if the sufferer caught it when they were a child. That was what people forgot.

They also forgot the insidious things that Measles also did, which was make the very young vulnerable to attacks by other diseases[1]. What very few remembered was that Measles, itself, could kill.

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