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Technical Difficulties...

I just this morning noticed something gone major league agley with my numbering system. I basically forgot how to do N+1.

This is going to frell up anyone who's looking for my stuff by old links, but I don't think many people do. The architecture is there in my main site, so all should be well.

Not that it really matters, right now. The aren't many people who view my page at all, so not many folks were inconvenienced.

All the stories are there and in order. Just check out the "All past Instants" section in the menu on the right.

Meanwhile, I'm getting radio silence from the one friendo who volunteered to be the third voice in my editing process. Either my book is that good or it's that terrible.

OR they haven't picked it up because life gets hella frenetic for friendo. She's one of those people who never stop while I'm the sort who has a hard time getting started.

And speaking of getting started - yesterday's relax-a-thon was interrupted and then entirely spoiled by Mum-in-law. Everything I do is wrong and I at least managed to hurl the ball back into her court before retreating from her presence.

Back to square -1 with a side order of Hate Myself and an optional discount for a dozen Sleep Issues.


And the worst part is that she got the selfsame treatment from her mum-in-law and instead of, y'know, deciding not to do that? She up and decided to pass that despicable tradition right on down the generations. I swear to the Powers, if I am lucky enough to become a step-parental for any kind of spouse to my darlings, I will hand along helpful tips and good advice and NOT constantly pick on them whenever we share air.

So instead of feeling refreshed and energised, I'm now feeling depressed, isolated, and inadequate. Thanks a bunch. And I have to feel that way for a week or more because my energies must be devoted to work. Thanks a real bunch.

And Erastide is coming up. Beloved and I have about $150 between us to last a week. A week that includes buying chocolate for our little darlings. A week that has to include $30+ of medication because one of my inhalers is running critically low. A week where the last possible thing I needed is already feeling scummy because I have issues over Beloved and I being unable to afford to get each other sweet treats.

I won't be able to have another me-day until after the middle of next week. And even then, it will be a me-day with little darlings in the house and having their hourly screaming matches.

Ugh. I feel so awful today and I still have most of a week to go through.


5th Mar 2012

This is the first day walking without assistance. My weight has steadied out at 88.5 kilos for the second day and the house is a fucking sty ‘cause everyone left everything because they knew this day was coming.

Walking hurts like a rock in my shoe, even with the gel pads made to make walking easier. Without them, it hurts like a knife in my heel. Ergo, walking costs spoons. I have to sit and rest when I can no

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