I May Have Created A Monster

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Challenge #01664-D203: Damnit, Podsbury!

“Wait, do you mean you made a new friend, or you made a new friend?” “Uhh, the first one. Wait, no, the second one... Which one doesn't involve artificially crafted Lovecraftian horrors of medicine?” -- RecklessPrudence

"The second one," sighed Master Brubrik, "Does involve artificially crafted Lovecraftian horrors of medicine," she spared another glance at the thing on the slab. "Which of course means that you mean the latter of those two options."

It had a tentacle wrapped around Podsbury's arm. "Daaaa deeeeee," it croaked.

"Uh. Yeah. Um. You know how I said I don't socialise well..."

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Challenge #00521 - A146: Necrotheque

“they’re British skeletons of course they’re dancing sarcastically. ”

The place was alive. But only technically.

Crowds of “people” flooded the dance floor and the air was full of the unique miasma of a dance club. Music, people shouting to be heard over the music, stale alcohol and even staler cigarette smoke.

This was Club 86. Where the undead went to live it up.

Maia was busy trying not to freak out. She was the only person&

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