Human Insanity

A 1-post collection

Challenge #00200: You're in Good Hands With Mawlitt-Badlii

“We’re very particular about how it should be handled. Do you understand that?”

“Of course we understand,” said the human. “We’re a cargo company that takes anything, anywhere, anytime, and we always follow instructions.”

“Yes,” said T'griis. “But the phonetic pronunciation of your company name…”

The human grinned in a way that clearly pronounced that they didn’t want to grin at all. “We’re in contest for our desired name with another company at the moment, so we had to go with the surnames of our major shareholders. Strictly an uncomfortable co-incidence.”

“And… what name did you desire?” T'griis asked, knowing that this might expose her to dangerous human insanity.

“Speedy-burst,” said the human.

T'griis carefully added more caution stickers to her parcel. Just to be certain.

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