Honour Guard

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Challenge #03411-I123: Guards of Honour

The Honorable Guard invites Wraithvine to meet others within the Order and invites them to their headquarters so they can see for hirself who they are.

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The Honourable Guard did as was expected. They offered the hand of mercy wherever they went. They took in the lost, the abandoned, and the forsaken. They took oaths of justice, and more alarming, kept them.

It should be no surprise that there were a lot of Tieflings in their number. Tieflings, half-breds, and the occasional monster race. All training as equals. All working together as allies. Peoples from the deep-downs walking together with those who feared the dark. Creatures made of light or fire working together with those who had to wear protection against the sun.

Their nearest stronghold used to be a castle. The surrounding lands are farms, and they are prosperous. Those farmers chose to be there. Sometimes, they are old Honour Guards. Others are fosterlings who felt themselves best suited to supporting the Guard.

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