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Responses to "Fright of a Lifetime" (2-4)

Ideas that this mash-up sparked:

1. Krumm is out lurking and finds Abner’s trough. Meets Abner, and cue unlikely friendship.

2. The monster trio meets the Sewer King. ‘Nough said.

3. The Gromble watches the results of the Halloween ‘War of the Worlds’ debacle; is grudgingly impressed.

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2. Abner meets Krumm

Something smelled delicious. He was supposed to be on reconnaissance, but Krumm was also hungry. Which was why he left his stake-out spot to investigate.

Someone had left out some premium slop in a long, shallow container. Krumm couldn’t help but help himself. Delicious.

A rhythmic grunting came from his left. A fellow connoisseur also enjoying the slop.

“They got really nice eats, here,” said Krumm. “Just like mother used to spoil.”

The pink creature looked at him, grunted again, and went back to eating.

Krumm could relate. This stuff was too good to waste with casual conversation.

It took him several months of illicit return visits to realise that his dining partner was actually a surface animal.

3. Monsters V Sewer King

They had been watching him for some time. It wasn’t often that the humans invaded the monster world, let alone stayed, so classifying this one became something of a problem.

And there was the fact that one of Dr Buzz Kutt’s previous attempts at a human suit was missing with its occupant inside.

“If he is a monster in a human suit,” speculated Oblina, “then I’m very glad you rescued me in time.”

“He smells like one of us,” said Krumm, odour expert.

“He looks and talks like a human,” whispered Ickis. “I say we avoid him just to be safe.”

Krumm had an idea. “Hey. Can you do that brain-tickling thing to find out if he is a human or not?”

“Well it would rather resolve things, since I can’t tickle the brains of fellow monsters.”

“Great,” said Ickis. “Then all we have to do is wait for him to fall asleep.”

Which was, when they got down to it, a really boring stake-out. Apparently the Sewer King had sleep disorders and relied heavily on a human beverage called Kaffi.

4. Gromble V Helga

“It is, it is,” the Gromble cooed to himself. “It is just human children in masks. And that one…” he pointed to the leader on the screen. “I know that one.”

He consulted the files. Of course it was Helga Pataki. The scariest resident of the surface world shy of Montgomery Burns. He recorded the footage she broadcast, and created a highlights and lowlights list. Not that there were very many lowlights.

And, because he was a teacher who used shame and fear to motivate his students, he used it as an example of how pathetic his student body was.

“This is the work of a human,” he informed them. “One human, with some minor conspirators, managed to terrify an entire city. Whereas most of you… CAN’T MAKE A SMALL CHILD CRY! What are you doing wrong? Well… why don’t you study this, and give me a twelve-page essay on all the details?”

All of them shrank in their places and wailed in anguish.

Oh yes. Life was good.

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Response to "The Fright of a Lifetime" (1)

Oblina tries her hand at scaring Helga, but studies her first. Recognizes her interaction with Arnold from her time in Dr. Buzzcut’s Human Suit. Take it from there!

(#00726 - A361)

The view from the gutter was not wide, but it was educational. Oblina had long since learned to recognise the human by her shoes.

She had somehow suspected that Dr Buzz Kutt’s theories had been in error, but there was living confirmation. She could see and hear Helga

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Challenge #00709 - A344: The Fright of a Lifetime

‘Hey Arnold!’ meets 'Aaahhh! Real Monsters!’. Go as the Muse moves you.

“It was hideous,” he bawled, “HIDEOUS! I can’t go back there. I just can’t.”

Krumm patted his back.

Oblina soothed, “There, there, darling. It can’t be that bad…”

“You didn’t see it,” Ickis whined. “It had horrible green stuff on its face! And its hair was this awful sunshiny

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