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Early to Rise...

Apparently I can't sleep past 4AM and today I plan to make that work for me. As you might have guessed, my Patreon and Wordpress content are missing so far this week and I aim to remedy that lack.

I hope.

I've already spaced out for half an hour over Tumblr's terrible decision to go high contrast and give their user base headaches. Way to go, guys. Another terrible decision in an unbroken chain of terrible decisions.

I swear to fuck, I'm going to get rich just so I can buy fucking Yahoo, Verisons or whomever owns Tumblr and force the company to actually have human staff who know what the real offensive stuff is. How hard is it to give people options? Or have tag wranglers? AO3 does it and they run purely on volunteer power.


I gotta get on with it or I'll never get anything done. See you on the flipside.