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Challenge #03844-J192: Colour Theory

En un lugar del barco hecho para la tripulación, el humano colocó suaves peluches casi tan grandes como el humano para consolarlos. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated to English - In a place on the ship made for the crew, the human placed soft stuffed animals almost as large as the human to comfort them.]

Humans are hard, they can withstand many things that would end other Galactics. Humans are soft, and appreciate comfort and companionship. Of course they are the Alliance's living conundrums.

They're also pretty much bonkers as a species, but you have to take some caveats with the entire package.

Aboard the Seeking Tendril, that meant Human Hal, who couldn't not share anything she loved. Safety precautions enabled, of course. This time, it manifested as ominously compacted packages in odd, poison-coded colours. Hal greeted each one with some cackles that did nothing to boost anyone else's confidence. Neither did the words, "I can't wait to pop the cork on each of these and watch them grow."

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