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Challenge #03538-I250: Black Widow Boss

Not all Deregger CEO's are male. There are very powerful, very dangerous, very cruel female CEO's that are just as bad as their male counterparts. And their counterparts know, just like other male CEO's, you don't mess with these individuals. Fortunately, the CRC doesn't care about gender, all Deregger CEO's must one day face justice. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I do not want to fall into the trope of the "cold uncaring childless girlboss", so thanks for putting me on a seesaw over a cliff, Nonny.]

CEO Messalinia Largus loved her children. Meetings with very important people could be put on hold for a small child holding a leaf or a shiny rock. That, combined with her soft and melodious voice, made many think she was both weak and stupid.

Which was part of her plan.

Child #4 pronounced his name as "Abibbal" and might actually be what he was called. Messalinia dandled him on her knee, explaining the deal as if were a fairy tale. "These nice men want to take twelve and a half percent of my earnings in per-pet-you-it-ee because I'm buying their company. They think that's a fair deal. Do you think that's a fair deal?"

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