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Challenge #151: One Stormy Evening at Genracon

Klaus + Da Boyz + Comic Convention = Wacky Hijinks


Lightning raged, both natural and artificial, through the iron catacombs where he and this idiot trio of Jaegers had decided to pick a fight.

“Not so close to the por–”




The lights came back on. Crowds in varying degrees of unrealistic dress stared at the tangle of Baron and Jaegermonsters…

And burst into shrieking applause.

Maxim straightened first, fixing his hair and adjusting his hat. “Ladies,” he grinned.

Oggie followed him, elbowing him in the gut. “Hyu idiot, they is cheerink for me.” He struck what he probably thought was a seductive pose.

Shockingly, this earned more cheering and hooting.

“Clearly, the residents of this dimension are insane,” announced Klaus.

“Hy agree,” said Dimo.

More hoots.

Maxim and Oggie were busy bickering over who was prettiest, much to the amusement of the strangely-dressed crowd. Klaus decided to use the distraction to examine the portal by which they’d entered. “It’s… made out of cardboard. What kind of idiot builds a multidimensional portal out of cardboard?”

“Vun who has a budget?” suggested Dimo.

Again, the audience roared.

“And those idiots will cheer anything…”

They cheered. Proof positive.

“Up next,” said someone dressed in black and coated in glitter, “The Jaegergirls singing, _You Can Leave Your Hat On_.” He took the peculiar lump-on-a-stick away from his mouth and growled, “Get. Off.”

Klaus ‘borrowed’ the stick and started taking it apart. “I see… These take the place of valves. Boards full of circuits. Intriguing.”

The girls danced on the stage anyway. “Monster take off you coat…”

“Ho yes!” said Maxim.

“De GORLZ!” said Oggie.

“Komm to uz ladiez!” they chorused.

Chaos, as the narrators are wont to explain, ensued.

When they were finally back in their home dimension, Klaus rounded up all three by their necks and snarled, “We are never. Ever. Mentioning this again. UNDERSTOOD?”


Phil and Kaja, very special guest judges, blinked the after-images away.

“Okay,” said Phil. “That just happened.”

“If you pretend it was all an act, I’m willing to play along,” murmured Kaja.


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