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Some terrifying things I learned

Thanks to my friend, RecklessPrudence, I've learned that, though autism is older than we think it is, how autistes were treated hasn't really changed so much.

An autistic child before the true rise of the Industrial age would be called a "Changeling". And, despite the entire "be kind to the fae" mind-set, a Changeling child would be horrendously mistreated until the Fae gave the 'proper' child back.

This included beatings, being held to hot items, and tying them to a chair and leaving them on a dung-heap overnight.


Today, we have Applied Behaviour Analysis which allegedly uses a system of rewards for 'good' [or 'normal'] behaviour and punishments for 'bad' [or 'autistic'] behaviours. Since this is endorsed by the notoriously abominable Autism Speaks, I can easily guess that this can be mis-used just as abominably.

People were killed on the suspicion of being a Changeling as late as 1895. Fast forward one hundred and twelve years... and the last autiste who was murdered by a family member was only four months ago.

People like me are still dying because we're strange and weird and our parents view us as a 'burden' rather than a human being. People who actually raise an autistic child to adulthood are seen as 'brave' or otherwise courageous.

I've also learned that I'm bad at animation. If you saw yesterday's doodle post, you'll know why. Which means I have to figure out other ways to do this. And considering my instruments are: 1 iPad Pro, 1 compy with possibly useful software, and 1 me. Who has some admittedly laughable art skills.


Meanwhile: The only way to be certain of your food is to grow it yourself. Factory farming is atrocious and some of the 'natural' pesticides are worse for your health than the normal shit. It's also the only way to really reduce the carbon footprint of your food. And -bonus- it doesn't cause harm to people in other countries by nicking their staple foods.

Organic is only organic so much, as it turns out. The sooner we have our aquaponic garden up and running, the better I'll feel. Guaranteed fresh organic veggies and equally fresh organic fish.

Also meanwhile: The Muppet continues to be atrocious. He's broken so many laws and they still won't impeach the bastard. Not even for tax evasion. I kind'a hope that they're waiting for a big and undeniable crime while he's in office. I dread that they're ignoring it all because he's the alleged leader they've always dreamed of having.

And I'm pretty sure the world is going to get pretty darn shitty if he isn't shut down.

Today is frightening. Tomorrow could probably be better.