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Challenge #03958-J306: My Little Friends

My skin is too strong for their stingers to penetrate. They don't even try anymore now that they realize I am very gentle and won't hurt them. They never attack anyone who is calm and gentle, and never go after kids. My little yellow and blue protectors have kept many the overzealous paladins from taking my horned head. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I tried some elementary diving into the interwebs to see if this was in reference to anything, but I couldn't nail it down so... inventing a critter now.]

A Hellkin's average life expectancy is thirty-two years. That's not how long they can live, it's the average of how long they get to live. The polite way to phrase it is that their infant mortality rate is very high.

Lots of people share the opinion that only the desperate or the insane keep the devilborn in their house.

Skram was one of the ones lucky enough to remember someone who cared for him. Old Ren had definitely been in the 'insane' category. Ze had not named Skram anything more than 'baby child' or 'dear one' before some holy bigot slaughtered them as a witch. When the banishment spell failed, Skram earned his name from attempting to survive in the alleyways of the town.

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