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Challenge #03943-J291: Ready, Set, Gorge

The first world-wide eating competition on the Thranityr homeworld begins! It would become an almost sacred annual tradition, thanks to an unlikely set of friends.

https://beta.peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03822-j170-some-culture-to-bring-home -- Fighting Fit

If there is one thing Humanity is good at, despite spreading their pack-bonding all over the universe, it is creating excess. They don't need absolute mountains of calorie-rich and unhealthy food, but they'll make it anyway. Because calories are tasty and lots of them are better.

The invention of Food Printing only accelerated this.

They didn't waste space with ingredients any more. They just transported tankers of the stable molecules and let the printers do the rest. It made transportation much easier. And when Humanity did what it did best and produced foodstuffs in bulk...

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