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Double Scheherazade!

Scheherazade is famous for telling a thousand and one tales. I'm about to firkin double that. Where's the firkin paparazzi?

[Of course I know my count is off. Leave me alone on this. I'm taking the win. When my story count is normalised, I will let everyone know about it.]

Today... after I'm done with this, I'm offski to grab this week's money and then I'll be back to extract some Blasts from Streemian (and cancelling those stalled posts) before I get into today's Instant.

I've had a Low Pressure headache yesterday, and another snorter this morning. So expect squalls, cyclones, and nasty fronts of whatever.

Which is going to make things "fun" for our new mower. Our yard is a challenge at the best of times and rainy weather is The. Worst.

We had a feast, yesterday evening [and skipped on Jurassic World] which consisted of two double whoppers with crumbed, deep fried mozzarella. With the bread on.

It was a struggle, but I ate the two of them without assistance. Though I did slow the hell down on the second half of the second one.

Today, I am most definitely back on the proper proportions of (a) meals , and (b) proteins. Like a good little nerd.

But now, the painkillers have kicked in and the sun has cleared the horizon, so I'm off to get moneys.

Blasts soon, Instants after that.