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If the women cannot have their freedom, then THEY cannot have more children! The women, almost all of them on the planet, agree to take a reversable treatment which leads them to be barren. And the only ones who can reverse it? The Alliance. The CEO's refuse to give them freedom? The CEO's population can vanish! -- Anon Guest

Of course the Alliance gave them the weapon in their battle. Something easy to smuggle in, easy to apply, and very very hard to undo. It was the choice of everyone who wanted it to use it. Those assigned the task of being brood mares for the CEO's had their differing reasons.

Some plainly didn't want to be called women. Some didn't want to be used. Some were unwilling to sacrifice their health and welfare for the greater advancement of the moral good. Many more were merely sick of being expected to produce the next generation of working cogs without any recognition beyond even more expectations of their effort. There were always a few who were loyal to the propaganda.

They didn't want much. Merely a small list of rights that the other half of the population got without question. The vote, control over their own finances, the ability to decide if they wanted to reproduce, the right to childcare options, and an equal paycheque to their male fellows.

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Equal sexiness in Firefall

Equal sexiness in Firefall

Anyone who plays/tests Firefall, back me up on this.

The girl outfits bare half-butts, midriffs and lots and lots of leg, despite it being a combat zone. The guy outfits… bare chest.

You don’t get to see that much chest in game, so I started a little idea for equal ass (un)coverage in the community suggestion box. And a little side thing for equal access to kitty ears.

If girl toons are allowed

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