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Challenge #02927-H004: Flight of the Sandman

They were deep into enemy territory, surrounded, lost, and at a massive disadvantage. They were in the valley, their enemies had the hill and it was breezy, though the breeze blew away from them. They could use the sleep powder the havenworlders had invented for their insomnia-riddled human friend, but the climb was steep and they'd get noticed. Then the human had an idea. They made black string and took long strips of black sheets of matte plastic, and then put it together with sticks. At the same time, they told their friends to start, carefully, putting the powder into easily broken cloth pouches.

"Only way we're escaping my friends, is to have some fun flying kites." -- Anon Guest

As Human Tor said, it was definitely a three-AM idea. Equal parts sleeplessness and inspired desperation, and perhaps a little influence of the stims she was taking to maintain alertness on the field. They had tried to take Tor's stims away, but she had ways of finding things that would act as stims anyway.

Fact: The Havenworlders in the party were very light. Fact: They had materials to fly a payload of a certain amount of weight units up to the same level as the forces who had kettled them into the valley in the first place. There, with an instrument made by Human Tor, a sufficiently light Havenworlder could launch breakable packages of Tor's sleep aid at the enemy forces.

"We all know my stuff hits like a truck," said Human Tor. "These guys are at a lower level than your average Human and my tolerance is high. I think we can knock a hole in their kettle and zoom out like a melon pip." Tor made a motion like squeezing an invisible seed and added an expulsion of air between tongue, teeth, and lips for emphasis. "The wind is with us, I'm jazzed as hell, and I have zero flakks to give right now about these flakkers. We can do this."

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