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Challenge #03415-I127: Convergent Evolution

The humans call us "foxes", close enough for them, since they have trouble pronouncing our proper name at the moment. We met these small, squishy, beings when we answered a distress call. Given our thick fur, our planet's pretty cold, and the pictures they showed us of their earth creature called the grey fox, we suppose, in their eyes, we do somewhat look like that. Still, at least these strangers are friendly. -- Anon Guest

Humans are great at misnomers. Just look at the red onion. They took one look at the bear-sized cogniscents who rescued them and named them "Foxes" without any other similarity but the muzzle shape and markings. This was their introduction to the "Walks Like a Duck" Principal[1].

"We are the--" Rrirru gave the trilling yip of a howl that their people named themselves. "Not... 'fox'."

"We understand," said the rescued Human, ze was still wrapped in a foil blanket. "We just cannot say that word. Vocal limitations. On the other hand, your people really look like Gray Foxes." Ze had been tapping on their datareader and now brought the screen around to show them. "See?"

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