Early Days

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Challenge #02866-G309: Turn Around Twice And...

A: please help me

B: ok ok hold up a minute

A: there is not time! Please hurry

B: give a me a sec

A: now it-


[AN: Aw man, if that isn't a cue for Early Days Marvin, then I don't know what is. Start blasting Let's See How Far We've Come out there, folks]

There's a time for multiple disasters and it's always when they're least wanted. Anthe was more or less balanced on a hairpin, metaphorically speaking, whilst picking a lock, in a room full of traps activated by sound. One wrong move and it would take a lot of luck to get out of it with health remaining.

It was the worst time to hear a trembling query from her brand new son. "Lady Anthe? Can you help me please?" The voice of Marvin, thank the gods, was barely above a whisper.

"I'll be right there, I just need a few more minutes." One to unlock the hatch. Another to disable the mechanism that blocked their way out. Possibly a third to deal with the nightingale floor, just in case. It had taken her a lot of luck just to get to this point. It would take a lot of luck to get through this.

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