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Challenge #03647-I359: Didn't Poe Write This?

They were pirates, but they'd never taken lives. Sure they held individuals for ransom, but they would kill ANYONE that targeted or harm kids. The dread ship turned its sites on a very wealthy-looking vessel, only to realize everyone, even the idiot who owned it, were deathly ill, and towed them to help. -- Anon Guest

The name in fancy script along its side was Diligente. It was made to look expensive and fast, but also contain every possible diversion known to intelligent life. Gold, silver, and gemstones were obvious parts of its general aesthetic. The rarest and prettiest things were obviously inside.

As well as the most valuable hostages.

Since it was "dead in the water," the crew of the pirate vessel Snetchengrab first assumed it must be a trap. They made sure there were no traps of any kind nearby.

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