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Challenge #03408-I120: Solid, Scientific, Documented Evidence

They say that whenever people have to choose between doing what's right, and doing what's easy, they choose what's easy. But what of those times where doing what's right is easy, and doing what's wrong is more difficult? Why is it so many choose what's wrong anyhow? Especially those who struggle to continue to deny basic scientific fact, and deny what's, quite literally, staring them in the face? -- Lessons

Humans are, as a species, considered insane. They do many, many things that defy logic and reason. Chief among these things is the flat-out denial of truth and reason. Or, for that matter, the evidence they had once championed. Those confronted with the evidence of their own experience immediately deny it as some variant of fraud.

Case in point, the First Contact with the Firmament of Divine Providence.

The farmer had come out with a shotgun and then reacted in confusion when the "alien" in her sights appeared to be as human as she was. Jessie Erngolt readjusted her thinking in seconds without having to adjust her aim. "You stand where you are, you demon shapeshifter! You aren't stealing my soul!"

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The seasons are changing...

Lucky America [and possibly most of the northern hemisphere], you get things like spring and autumn. You get a gradual and even picturesque seague into the warmer or colder weather.

Not Australia.

In Australia, Nature [who I am frequently reminded is a Mother] just flicks a switch between winter [biting cold, lazy winds, and the sort of rain that was trying for sleet but couldn’t be bothered] and summer [Searing heat, bone-dry droughts interspersed with the kinds of floods that

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