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Challenge #03123-H214: De-Escalation in Progress

On a planet where children just trying to survive are being mowed down, where soldiers were flown in to murder them, and their families lived hiding in tunnels to survive, those that knew of this could no longer sit idly by. Several large ships came, other humans, heavily armed. They were not going to try to take over the planet or overthrow the government, they were there to remove the bombs and rescue the kids, and the families, out in the wastes. But Powers help the militant Dereggers that ruled the planet if they tried to stop this large mass of space marines. This was not a game! Problem with such things, though, is how often the innocent, the people they're trying to rescue, get caught in the middle. -- NotSoSimple

They say war never changes, but it does. That change is never for the better. It only gets nastier, crueler, more disgusting. Child soldiers, trained by adults - who never went into battle - to lust for the glory of bloodshed. It's amazing how the sons and daughters of those in charge rarely see a bullet and never get into the mess of war.

Nobody knew by now why the war had started. The news had a different reason to fight every week, when it didn't default to 'rights' and 'freedoms'. It made the 'proper' people angry about the 'handouts' that were also heartwarming humanitarian fluff stories.

They were also fighting invaders, somehow. Nebulous outside forces apparently determined to destroy their moral values. They were a distant and vague threat to sell war bonds... until the first Galactic smugglers decided to pay truth to the lies.

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