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Challenge #03006-H083: Thus Sayeth...

It was simple curiosity. The curiosity of a single man that destroy the universe and created a new one. A new universe, your world was born. The single man was reborn as a god and created a system. As the world advanced to each further stage, it was inherited by generations of different life forms oversee by the single god. As time goes on the single god was defeated by the new god the he himself created. Thus this world has become stagnant. It has expired. Therefore I must ask you it new god. Will you allow the world continue to stagnate? Or will you let it evolve to the next level? The choice is yours to make. -- Anon Guest

It is, when one thinks about it, the ultimate power. The power to create. There could be a plan, points in a straight line that joins aleph to omigh. There could be fiddling and twiddling just to see what happens next. Give them curiosity and a tree from which they must not eat. Will they obey or will they take the knowledge of good and evil? Was it an ineffable plan or a quixotic creator messing about with things. Were apocalypses part of the endless cycle of time, or was the creator just tired of messing about with Pleistocene? Only one could ever know, and they weren't in the habit of talking to anyone.

Until now.

Iam had thought they were alone, until the Voice spoke from the firmament. You have made many things, the Voice said. It is good.

Iam reached out to the Voice. "And who are you?" they spake.

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