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Challenge #03965-J313: Delayed Virtue Signal

When it came to CEO's I was one of the worst.

I'm nearing the end of my life, and have sent a file and an anonymous complaint to the CRC, about myself. I know the Pax Humanis will come soon to end me. I've already sent my security away so they will find no resistance when they come in.

Why did I do this? Because as I've grown older, I've gained something. A conscience.

I deserve the punishment they will put upon me, and maybe, save these people from corporate rule.

To any who read this please know.... I'm sorry. -- Anon Guest

When the rich get old, they start to think about their respective afterlives. Most of them invest small amounts of their total wealth in palliative charities, things that make them look good in the public eye but do very little to actually fix all the problems their prior venality had caused. Small things that only make their fellow wealthy citizens feel better about their lifestyle.

Things like investing in a small-effect technology that will only ever be available to people who can afford it, and not the people who need it.

This old man actually thought about what could make things better. Not just to make things look better. He thought long and hard about the evils he had done to this world... and reported himself to the CRC. Full confession. Then he handed all his financial holdings over to them.

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