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Challenge #01896-E072: The Big Challenge

Former nightclub bouncer, former riot control expert - Why do I want to teach? Wanted a Real challenge. -- Knitnan

Stopping violence with more violence is easy. It involves very little thought, and a mindset that makes the punishment more brutal than the crime. Stopping violence before it starts is more of a challenge. Especially when you want to avoid looking like a hypocrite.

The kids called him Mr Tough. He could physically lift any kid at Elementary but only if they asked him. He never dropped a one. And what he was opposed to above all other things was violence against others. Physical. Verbal. Passive-aggression. He didn't tolerate any kind of meanness. He endorsed talking it out. Between the kids. Between the adults. And most importantly, between the kids and the adults around them.

It didn't go well for lots of the adults, who clung vociferously to the concept that they were the grownups and their decisions had to be final. Or that children existed to be controlled.

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