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Putting myself out there

Inkitt has a semi-regular fanfic contest and, just recently, they've lowered the minimum word count to 2K. And I happen to have lots of 2K or greater count fanfics lying about.

What I lack is time to translate them.

But I'm doing some of that today.

You can check me out at if you so wish. I have a feeling all my entered fanfics will vanish soon, so search for me by the name of CM Weller.

Beloved and I have plans to take Chaos to go see The Good Dinosaur. Plans that may be slightly spoiled by Beloved staying up all night with a sore ankle instead of doing something sensible about it. I had to wake up next to an empty spot at 3AM and administer a heat pack before action occurred.

Sigh. These things are sent to annoy me, I'm sure.

Beloved will sleep until about half-past ten. So I have that long to get an Instant done and input as many fics as I can get away with.

And what have I done this morning? Minecraft.

I am filled with procrastination.