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Challenge #03412-I124: A Horse of a Different Choler

A ship is headed to a colonial planet and they have several full-sized clydesdales in deep sleep, the animals often otherwise having trouble with such confinement. Some of the other passengers, being dropped off in other places on the way to the planet, get to see the sleeping animals up close before leaving. -- Anon Guest

Tucked up in sleep pods made for Gaux[1], the frosted windows display an enormous land mammal. Those who peer closely at the animals realise their ungulate nature.

"Everyone wants to see them," said Cargo Handler Bede. "They can't believe somebody went to the expense of hauling full-grown animals halfway across the Alliance. Well. Three quarters of the way. Halfway is more what you'd call the most direct path."

"That's enormous," the departing passenger would say. "How could they possibly handle the cost of storage[2]?"

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