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Post-Halloween ouchies

Halloween was a moderate success for Chaos [Mayhem skipped out because birthday party.

We went off to a more densely populated area and sought out every house with a front door light on. Chaos was happy enough to quit after one neighbourhood.

My feet are still mad at me. I haven't walked that much for a very long time [I used to crisscross the Brisbane City Centre on a regular basis] but haunting one neighbourhood with Chaos in tow was too much for me.

I'm getting old. No wonder I want to cosplay as an antique robot.

Chaos wants to scream at the sun as she shows off her Lego Warrior outfit. Helmet and shield are from Lego accessories and the sword and armour are made from craft foam and hot glue. Chaos as a fearsome Lego Warrior.

Your humble author as Bizarro The Jon. I couldn't get the right wig so I wore Bitzer's hair. Nobody geek-checked me My good self as Bizarro The Jon [or is that The Bizarro Jon?]

Post-Halloween shenanigans! The makeup stayed on nicely despite the sweat. The hat and the wig have some small smears on them that should be easy to remove Post-Halloween, pre-makeup removal. The paint stood up pretty well. If I want to do this on a regular basis, I'll have to invest in some sponges. Apply this shit with the wrong kind of sponge, and it just clumps like no tomorrow.

I have also learned: Apply majority colour first, then do all the lines and details.

The good news is that it all comes off with soap and water. The bad news is that it fucking wrecks your average face flannel. I shall also invest in baby wipes again. I can fuck those up AND dispose of them with zero qualms. And zero hate from any hotel staff!

Oddly enough, it was the black lipstick that was the hardest to get rid of. Live and learn.